How to Use Instagram Nametag Feature

Instagram, which previously was a photo-sharing social media app, added a feature which allows the users to communicate with each other. The direct message option provided the ability to send the text message on Instagram. The app kept releasing the new features especially when the social media giant bought it. Recently Instagram has added a new Nametag feature.

The Nametag feature will make it easier to connect with Instagram users. It is like an identification card allowing people to find the specific Instagram user account. Like on Twitter, the Nametag is also a unique name which can be used to search a particular account instantly. Let’s see the process to use the Nametag.

Here is how to use Instagram launched Nametag feature

  1. Launch the Instagram App in your phone.
  2. Navigate to your profile.
  3. Now tap on the hamburger icon from the top of the display.
  4. You must Nametag is listed at the top hence tap on it.
  5. Now, it will open a new tab displaying the nametag with your Profile’s name.
  6. Your nametag is visible to the other Instagram users to follow you.
  7. Navigate to customize your nametag option at the top of the tab.
  8. Here, you can customize your nametag by choosing the color, Emoji, and selfie.
  9. Once you choose for the modifications, these will become the background of the nametag screen.
  10. The scan a nametag option below your Nametag will allow you to scan the nametags of Instagram users.
  11. You can share your Nametag as well. Just tap the share button from the top right corner of the screen.
  12. Tap on the Scan a nametag option to scan the nametag using the camera.
  13. Now tap on the right corner to access your camera app.
  14. Another method to scan someone’s nametag is just swiping right to open the camera and suspend your phone over the nametag and hold right there.

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is working on Instagram to make it better and better. Recently the developers reported that it is looking forward to supporting the students of US by launching another feature in Instagram enabling the students to connect with other students. The developers are testing the student universities school communities, where the users have to enter the school information which similar to Facebook.

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