How to Reset Your Surface Device

If you are coming across a lot of issues with your Surface Go, Pro or laptops you may try resetting your Device to the factory settings. Performing a hard reset would clear all the user’s data and settings and bring your device to the state when you first bought it.

Factory reset can prove to be a solution to a lot of issues related to the performance of your device. If you are looking to create free space or planning to sell the device, you can perform the factory reset to do so. However, remember to back up the data on the device as there is no way to undo the factory settings once done.

If you reset your Surface device to factory settings all the files on your device will be deleted and removed, including all the applications on your device will be uninstalled. Any drivers or settings added by you would also be removed, and the device will set to the initial settings.

Before applying the factory settings try to resolve the issue that you are facing by other means like updating your operating system or using latest updated Apps, as once you reset the device all your content is lost. So you should consider it the last resort to solve the problem.

If you are sure and want to reset your Surface back to factory settings you will have to keep some points in mind. Go through the following points below to ensure successful reset.

  • Keep a backup

If you are planning for a reset for your Surface device, you should prepare a complete back up of all the necessary files, images, documents and folders that you feel are important and will be needed by you in the future. As once you reset your system with factory settings all of the data will be removed.

  • Battery backup

Keep in mind to charge the battery of your Surface device as if the battery runs low while the factory resetting process, it may malfunction or corrupt your device leading to errors and malfunction of the device.

Steps for Factory reset

After assuring the requirements needed for the reset you are good to go. Follow the given steps to apply Factory rest on your device.

  1. Launch the “Action Center” on your Surface device.
  2. Now from the “All” settings option, select the “Settings app”.
  3. Now from the settings app select “Update & Security” option.
  4. Now select “Recovery” from the left of your screen.
  5. Now from the “Reset this PC” dialogue you have to select “Get started”

Now you will receive two options to choose from, one is “Keep my files”, and the other one is “Remove everything”. Both are valid to reset your Surface with Factory settings. But the main difference is that by using “Keep my file” you can save the personal files on your Surface, but by choosing “Remove Everything” the entire data will be formatted.

  1. Select the drive in which Windows 10 is installed and proceed.
  2. Select Remove files and clean the drive option.
  3. Select “Restore” to initiate the reset process.

By going through the steps above, you will reset your Surface device back to its factory settings and hopefully resolve the issue you are facing.

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