Hidden features in iOS 12

Hidden features are usually the best ones. iOS 12 is here in the market and is ready to add a bunch of new features to your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Apple has notably focused on improving the overall performance of the devices of iOS. All of these features are to be experienced first hand. Some of the features are easy to find such as Siri suggestion, Memoji, and the improved notification. Despite the expected features based on the announcement of Apple’s iOS 12, some hidden features are also there. Some of them are given below:

  • Alternate appearance in the Face ID

Apple’s Face ID is a 3D face scanner that uses several components to analyze a person’s face and verify their identity. It is sometimes difficult to access because it refuses to identify your face if you have just done shaving or took a bath. iPhone users who have used a model that supports Face ID who feel troublesome when wearing a hat, sunglasses or some other thing that changes your appearance will have the ability to register a second appearance now. To find the new settings, go to Settings>face ID& Passcode>Alternate appearance. This same feature can also be used to register the second face to Face ID to give the second person access to the devic3e. Don’t forget that if you want to remove the second appearance, you will require to reset the Face ID.

  • More info about the battery

Figuring out what is draining the battery is something we always want to know. In your iOS, open the Settings app, select Battery, and you will have proper information. New breakdowns, charts, and graphs will show you exact use of the battery and when it was used.

  • The close up gesture

There was a time when you could close an app’s card by long pressing it. On iOS, you only need to activate the multitasking and then swipe up on any app’s card to close it up.

  • Temporary Do not Disturb

Instead of turning “Do Not Disturb on and off” manually for meeting or movie. You can now set DND to disable itself after this evening, an hour or when you leave to a specific location. Open the Control Center and press long or force touch, the Do Not Disturb icon to pick from new DND options.

  • Automatic OS updates

This new feature in iOS 12 will itself install iOS updates on your device without asking for manual approval. You can enable the automatic updates by going to Settings>General>Software Updates>Automatic Updates. Your iPhone will automatically update itself with this feature enabled.

  • QR Code scanner in Control center

Apple has added a QR code scanner to camera app in the iOS 11, and with iOS12, the scanner gets its shortcut in the Control center. It is straightforward to add the alternative, go to Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls. Tap the green button next to the Scan QR Code.

  • Disable USB accessories

Plenty of hackers and law enforcement tools able to crack an iPhone’s passcode via USB port. Apple has added feature that disables the lightning port on the iOS device if it’s not unlocked in the past hour. Open Settings>Face ID & Passcode, scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle USB Accessories option to On position.

  • Messages Camera tools

The Messages app is not getting so many new features in iOS 12. The one change is the new camera tool for pictures and the videos taken within the Messanger app. Open the camera app in the messages, tap star icon and get started.

  • Autofill shortcodes

All those with a two-factor authentication codes sent through SMS, iOS 12 is going to make the process of entering 6 or 8 digit code much more comfortable. Instead of copying and pasting the code, It will be a shortcut on top of the keyboard when your device receives the code. Just tap on the shortcut, and the keyboard itself will generate autofill code.

  • iPhone X gesture on iPad

The iPhone X gesture to have access to the Control center- a down swipe from the top-right corner of the screen has made its way to iPad. Once you have installed iOS 12, you can no longer access Control center on iPad through multitasking. Just swipe down from top-right corner.

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