Facebook Messages Are Now on Sale

It has been reported that a bunch of cyber criminals has obstructed account information and the personal messages from a minimum of 81000 users accounts. In last September, some of the data was out for sale. According to a BBC Russian Service, the data that the cyber criminals are having is theirs. It is obviously a matter of concern so what steps to be followed for your safety.

This may sound weird, but Facebook has not been compromised

This is the most crucial thing to notice that no one has access to the FaceBook’s servers from Facebook directly. Source to be blamed is the malicious browser. Till date, none of the browser developer or the Facebook developers have correctly identified which of the extension is ill. Some of them are aware of the malicious browsers too, and they have also been removed from browser stories.

None of the critical information has been stolen

Cyber criminals have confirmed that may have account details from Facebook accounts, but it only has the email addresses, phone numbers, and names. This sort of data is usually visible without any kind of breach. None of the reports confirmed that cyber criminals have any sort of passwords or the usernames.

Of the 81,000 users and the stolen messages, all were legitimate. No one from the US or the UK said that the words could be seen in the database of the cyber criminals.

How can you manage your privacy

There is no wannacry or yahoo. You just need to be cautious about the browser extensions that you download. Try to go for the plugins and the extensions that come from browser stores such as the Firefox Add-ons page or the Chrome Web Store. This bunch of cyber criminals doesn’t have anything extraordinary. They have not even exploited some major vulnerability in the security of Facebook. Just take care of your browser, any malicious one can find a way onto your device. It can quickly get access to your Gmail, Twitter or different sites.

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