How To Fix Your iPhone Camera If It Does Not Focus

There can be plenty of reasons for your iPhone’s camera not being able to focus the way it should – starting from a huge software problem to normal finger blockage on the lens.  The methods that have been mentioned below will make your iPhone capturing good pictures like earlier. Methods to Avoid Blurred Pictures on Read more about How To Fix Your iPhone Camera If It Does Not Focus[…]

Top 10 Web-Based Chatting Messengers

If you can’t operate instant messaging applications, then you can use web-based messengers. Unlike the IM apps, web-based chatting messengers need just your display name in your web browser. It was the time when a handful number of messenger apps were available. But now there are a plethora of applications for chatting and messaging. You Read more about Top 10 Web-Based Chatting Messengers[…]

Why you should avoid Downloading DLL Files online

Are you looking for means to solve your “DLL not found” error? Well, you may consider your first resolve by downloading DLL files from the internet and it may resolve your error code. But let me give you a clear disclaimer that doing so may harm your system even more than the current state. DLL Read more about Why you should avoid Downloading DLL Files online[…]

Privacy and Security Concerns Regarding Houseparty App

The social media platforms have their own set of problems. On many social networks such as Instagram, strangers can connect with others, and there is no way to authenticate them. Houseparty app is different as it enables users to give out private invitations to others for video or text chat. This way verifying someone’s identity Read more about Privacy and Security Concerns Regarding Houseparty App[…]

Vital Bing Image Search Tips and Tricks

Bing is one of the most critically-acclaimed search engines across the globe. Because it is easy to use and offers precise search results, it has garnered a lot of popularity. While Google, in no small extent, dominates the search engine industry, Bing has a significant cult following itself. This search engine comes with many advanced Read more about Vital Bing Image Search Tips and Tricks[…]

How to Use Instagram Nametag Feature

Instagram, which previously was a photo-sharing social media app, added a feature which allows the users to communicate with each other. The direct message option provided the ability to send the text message on Instagram. The app kept releasing the new features especially when the social media giant bought it. Recently Instagram has added a Read more about How to Use Instagram Nametag Feature[…]

Hidden features in iOS 12

Hidden features are usually the best ones. iOS 12 is here in the market and is ready to add a bunch of new features to your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Apple has notably focused on improving the overall performance of the devices of iOS. All of these features are to be experienced first hand. Read more about Hidden features in iOS 12[…]

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